The NCGA Leadership Academy, part of Syngenta’s Leadership At Its Best program (LAIB), has trained over 600 grower leaders since 1986.  Preparing these corn association and checkoff leaders to deliver the high level of service necessary for corn associations to achieve their goals and for the corn sector to lead American agriculture is vital for our association.


For 2019, Syngenta redesigned LAIB to be a cross-commodity leadership program bringing together a diverse group of farmers across all the commodity programs they support. The program is designed to provide state corn grower leaders with advanced leadership training and the necessary communication skills to make a difference in American agriculture while advancing into leadership positions on a national level.


This week-long training, in February, will begin in Raleigh, North Carolina where participants will cover:


  • Understanding Your Personality and Leadership Styles;

  • Media Training: How to communicate with media, develop relationships and “sell a story;”

  • Policy Briefings;

  • Q & A with Syngenta seed and crop protection staff.



Participants will fly from Raleigh to Washington, D.C. for more in-depth workshops on:


  • Developing a Personal Advocacy Plan

  • Lobbying 201

  • Congressional meetings with your representative and senators

  • Role of social media advocacy

  • Hosting successful field days.


Program Calendar

2018-2019 Session

Session 1: August 6 – 10, 2018 Greensboro / Research Triangle Park, NC

Session 2:  January 27 – 30, 2019 Washington, DC


 2019 Session (for revised LAIB)

February 11 – 15, 2019


For Information, contact your state corn grower office or:


Steve Uram

Marketing Manager, National Corn Grower Association

623 Cepi Dr.

(636) 733-9004