NCYC - Get Started

A grower must have an NCGA Membership number to have an entry in the contest which can only be obtained from NCGA.


Call 636-733-5512 or email to obtain their existing membership number or to create a new grower membership number. The grower’s full name, mailing address, phone number and email address are required.


Growers enter here.


It is recommended that all Sales Reps create a personal ‘Sales Rep Login’. All entries created in the Sales Rep Login will maintain membership information of their growers year-to-year under their one Sales Rep Login.


  • Sales Rep Login will be your personal email address

  • Sales Rep password with be your own personal password

Once logged in as a Sales Rep, all previously entered grower’s information will be listed and new grower member numbers can be added.


Your login houses all grower contact history.


Sales Reps enter here. 

If the hybrid entered belongs to a seed company participating in the 2019 Voucher Program, there will be no charge to the Grower or Sales Rep 


Both the membership and entry fees are fully paid for the following hybrids participating in the 2019 Voucher Program. The payment receipt will be listed on your final entry confirmation. Please retain a copy of all confirmations:







LG Seeds**


Seed Consultants


*DEKALB - An MTSA number is mandatory for all hybrid entries


**LG Seeds will pay for the first fifty (50) entries of hybrids entered in 2019


***Pioneer - A Sales Rep ID number is mandatory for all hybrid entries.


All other Seed Companies - The Sales Rep ID and MTSA fields of information are not required for any other hybrids entered.

Login into Contest site


Growers: Use NCGA Membership number and postal code.


Growers enter here.


Sales Rep: Set up log-in with your own email and password.

History will appear and new growers can be added as needed. 


Sales Reps enter here.

May 6 - June 30

Early Entry Fee $75 


July 1 - July 31

Final Entry Fee $110


August 1 - November 15

Harvest Entry


Does not include membership fees.