Past BASF Winners

Past BASF Winners


Amelia Hayden (WI) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – Agricultural Education


Colton Johnson (OK) Oklahoma State University – Plant and Soil Sciences


Courtney Schrader (MD) Salisbury University – Management and Communications


Sophia Svanda (NE) University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication


Ben Vos (IA) Dordt University – General Agriculture



Killiann George (PA) Penn State University – Agricultural and Extension Education


Mardi Traskowsky (KS) Kansas State University – Milling Science, Management and Agricultural Economics


Abbey Schiefelbein (MN) Kansas State University – Food Science


Madeline Weninger (MN) South Dakota State University – Agricultural Education and Spanish


Matthew Sperry (SD) South Dakota State University – Precision Agriculture and Agronomy



Kayla Beechinor (WA) Washington State – Ag Biotech & Field Crop Management


Catherine Jones (NE) University of Nebraska – Ag & Environmental Science Communications


Amber Oerly (MI) Northeastern Oklahoma A&M – Ag Business


Krista Russell (IL) Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Environmental Science


Osler Ortez (NE) University of Nebraska – Agronomy & Horticulture



Santiago Tamagno (KS) Kansas State – Agronomy


Samantha Teten (NE) University of Nebraska – Agronomy


Nicole Gutzmann (CA) North Carolina State – Entomology


Emily Kreinbrink (OH) Ohio State – Food Science & Technology


Stephen Schwartz (IN) Purdue - Agronomy



Kelsey Barnes (TN), Texas A&M, International Ag


Izak Christensen (IA), Iowa State, Ag Business and Agronomy


Rodrigo Mendoza, (NE), University of Nebraska, Food Science & Technology


Rachel Stevens (NE), University of Nebraska, Mechanized Systems Management


Michael Tupper, (IA), Iowa State, Ag Engineering



Andrew Lauver (IA) Kansas State University - Agribusiness


Breanne Brammer (MO) University of Missouri - Ag Education


Beth Mordhorst (IA) University of Missouri - Animal Science


Leah Schwinn (OH) Ohio State University - Ag Communication


Katie Peterson (MN) Gustavus Adolphus College - Political Science



Caleb Brannon (TN) Murray State – Ag Business


Deja Jackson (SC) South Carolina State – Civil Engineering


Amber Pickard (MI) Michigan State – Agri Business Management


Faith Wendt (IL) University of Illinois - Agri Business Management


Elizabeth Wittenbach (MI) Michigan State - Agri Business Management



Clayton Carley (IL) Parkland College – Crop Science and Ag Education


Hillary Kletscher (IA) Iowa State – Biological Systems Engineering


Emma Likens (NE)  University of Nebraska - Ag Journalism


Nicole Schubert (IA) Iowa State – Animal Science


Lauren Zitelman (MO) University of Missouri – Agri Business and Management



Brent Sexton (IA) Iowa State – Animal Sciences


Emily Brundick (MO) University of Missouri – Ag Economics


Kyle Parmley (OK) Oklahoma State – Plant and Soil Sciences


Nicholas Peterson (MN) University of Minnesota – Plant Sciences


Sterling Schnepf (IA) Iowa State – Animal Sciences



Andy Chamra (IA) Iowa State – Ag Business


Andrew Perry (MO) University of Missouri – Ag Economics / Plant Science


Bethany Olson (IA) Iowa State – Ag Business / International Agriculture


Denise Beam (PA) Penn State – Animal Sciences


Gracie Weinzierl (IL) Illinois State – Ag Education/ Crop and Soil Science



Kristin DeSutter (IL) University of Illinois – Ag Communications


Andy Prignitz (IA) Iowa State - Ag Business/International Ag


Hayley Bunselmeyer (IL) University of Illinois – Crop Sciences


Amy Peyton (IA) Iowa State – Ag Business and Economics


Jessica Schwartz  (OH) Penn State – Horticulture and Crop Science



Charlene Barlieb (PA) Penn State – Animal Science


Carly Cummings (IA) Iowa State - Ag  Business/International Ag


Gina Meyer (MN) University of Minnesota - Animal Science


John Schultz (TN) University of Tennessee – Knoxville Food and Agribusiness


Lisa Tronchetti (IA) Iowa State Ag - Business/International Ag



Rita Cook, (IA)   Iowa State - Ag Business


Alex Coughlin, (SD) South Dakota State - Ag Business


Elias Klollenga, (IL) University of Illinois - Ag Business


Michael Sukalski, (MN) South Dakota State - Ag and Biosystems Engineering


Emily Treu, (WI) University of Wisconsin - Ag Ed and Ag Journalism



Catherine Simpson (CO) Colorado State - Meat Microbiology, PhD


James Seitzer (MN) University of Minnesota - Ag Business


Joshua Yoder (OH) Ohio State - Agribusiness and Applied Economics


Jason Buss (IL) University of Illinois - Ag Engineering


Lauren Schlosser (MO) University of Missouri - Animal Science