Chinese Leaders Visit NCGA St. Louis Office

(Posted Wed. Mar 20th, 2019)

Two business leaders from the People’s Republic of China visited the National Corn Growers Association’s St. Louis office yesterday to discuss the U.S. corn industry and NCGA’s role in working to create opportunities for corn farmers.   Robyn Allscheid, NCGA director of Research & Productivity, said the visitors were intrigued by NCGA’s focused mission of sustainably feeding and fueling a growing world in a way that is profitable for our nearly 40,000 dues-paying corn farmers nationwide as well as the 300,000 growers who contribute through corn checkoff programs.   Rong Zhang and Rui Li are touring America as part of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). The program connects current and emerging leaders who travel to the U.S. for programs that reflect their professional interests and U.S. Foreign Policy Goals.   Zhang, manager Dalian Yigu Information Consulting Co., Ltd., and Li, an Associate...

Consider Pollinator Plantings as You Gear Up for Spring

(Posted Tue. Mar 19th, 2019)

If you are a Monarch butterfly supporter buckle up because here’s some good news. The yearly count of the Eastern Monarch butterfly population that overwinters in Mexico was released recently, showing an increase of 144 percent over last year’s count.   After years of struggles with a host of challenges from bad weather to loss of habitat the large butterfly count - the highest count since 2006 comes as welcome news. But not too fast, because Western Monarchs continue to struggle due to drought, wildfires, pesticides and loss of habitat.   Landowners and farmers are uniquely situated to support the Monarch and are already making a difference. Habitat plantings can fit into many niches on the agricultural landscape, including conservation lands, grazing lands, rights-of-way, field margins, field borders, pivot corners, conservation lands, ditches, buffers and other low-productive lands. Milkweed and other nectar-producing flowers planted in these areas yield multiple on-farm...

(Posted Mon. Mar 18th, 2019)

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Corn researchers from around the world gathered in St. Louis last week for the annual Maize Genetics Conference. The conference covers a broad range of subject areas and allows attendees from academia, industry, and funding agencies to learn about the most current scientific and technical advances in the maize genetics community.   Program directors from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Science Foundation were also present to discuss the current priorities and budget levels for their research programs. This annual conference represents a unique opportunity to stress the importance of research in areas that have substantial promise in addressing the issues most important to corn farmers.   This year, many presentations and posters highlighted the importance of the Genomes to Fields research initiative, which has been financially supported through state and national corn grower organizations. This interdisciplinary program has created an invaluable network of...

CommonGround Invites Consumers to the Conversation in New Video

(Posted Fri. Mar 15th, 2019)

CommonGround launched a new video inviting mom with food questions to a conversation about farming and food. The short piece shows the many resources available to help cut through food conversation clutter and find peace of mind in their decisions.   Filmed at the St. Louis Science Center, the video showcases real families given the options of asking a CommonGround volunteer, a blogger, a dietitian, the internet or a friend their honest questions about food. Many of those who chose to participate were excited to learn that they could ask an actual farmer, one who shared their same desire to make the best food choices for their family, about issues ranging from the use of pesticides to the nutritional value of conventional versus organic options to how farmers treat livestock. Even those who expressed a desire to look at information online reacted positively to knowing they could find information shared by women in farming at   To see the video...

(Posted Thu. Mar 14th, 2019)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today, National Ag Day, granted five additional Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Small Refinery Exemptions (SRE) for the 2017 compliance year, waiving 366 million gallons of biofuels from RFS compliance.   EPA’s decision today brings the total waivers from 2016 and 2017 RFS obligations to 53, amounting to 2.61 billion ethanol-equivalent gallons.  In years prior to 2016, SREs totaled less than 300 million gallons per year.   This action continues to chip away at the RFS and corn demand, hurting America’s corn farmers. NCGA has called for EPA to account for these lost volumes and disclose which refineries receive these waivers and why the waivers are justified.   The five refineries receiving today’s exemptions produced approximately 3.4 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel in 2017, resulting in 366 million Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) being exempted.    Currently, EPA has two remaining refinery exemption petitions for...

CommonGround Volunteers Spotlight Farming at “Empower and Light” Conference

(Posted Wed. Mar 13th, 2019)

Farm women volunteers involved in the CommonGround outreach program, along with state and national staff met in Kansas City, Mo., to share their experiences with the program and welcome new members earlier this week.  Over the course of three days, the participants worked intensively to gain insight into consumer questions and hone the skills that they use to share their personal story and that of modern farming with urban and suburban moms.   In addition to social media training and panels focused on consumer questions, the volunteers hosted an event for women from the Kansas City area focused on food discussions. From entering through an exhibit designed to provoke thoughts on what sources they turn to for information to a closing panel discussion featuring volunteers, a local lifestyle blogger and a dietitian, the evening sparked conversations and built relationships to bridge the divide from the field to fork.    The conference offered the volunteers and staff a chance to...

NCGA Statement on E15 Proposed Rule

(Posted Tue. Mar 12th, 2019)

National Corn Growers Association President Lynn Chrisp made the below statement today following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) release of a proposed rule to allow for year-round sales of E15.   “Today’s proposed rule is great progress to getting the rulemaking completed by the start of the summer driving season, June 1. NCGA appreciates EPA’s efforts to meet this deadline, and we look forward to fully reviewing the content of the proposed rule. We will be providing comments to EPA and urging our membership to provide input during the comment process as well.   “Allowing year-round sales of higher blends of ethanol not only grows a domestic market for farmers, but E15 gives consumers more choice at the pump, a lower price option and greater environmental benefits from a cleaner fuel. It’s time to remove the barrier to all of these benefits.”  

Ag Tech & the Future of Farming

(Posted Mon. Mar 11th, 2019)

The National Corn Growers Association, along with the National Pork Board, co-sponsored a U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance panel on ag tech, advanced breeding techniques and the future of farming at this year’s South by Southwest, or SXSW. Held in Austin, Texas, SXSW is a collection of conferences and festivals that focus on the film, media, music and technology industries.   Our panel gave the full room of attendees a first-hand account of how modern agriculture is helping farmers provide more food with far fewer resources. Panelists include:   Megan Vollstedt, Executive Director, Iowa AgriTech Accelerator Darren Anderson, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder, Vive Crop Protection Randy Spronk, Minnesota Pig & Crop Farmer Alex Heine, Director of Customer Experience, Quantified Ag   Click here to watch a USFRA recording of the panel.

2019 Commodity Classic Sees Second Highest Farmer Attendance in History

(Posted Fri. Mar 8th, 2019)

Initial reports indicate total attendance at last week’s 2019 Commodity Classic in Orlando exceeded 9,100 including approximately 4,500 farmers. The farmer attendance figure ranks second highest in the 23-year history of Commodity Classic and total attendance ranks third. These numbers are still preliminary. Final attendance information will be available in 10 to 14 days.   “Farmers across the country are using new challenges in the industry as a launchpad for innovation, and that was clear this year at Commodity Classic, where interest in the educational sessions and new technologies was elevated to a new level,” said Wade Cowan, a Texas soybean farmer and co-chair of the 2019 Commodity Classic. “The energy and enthusiasm among farmers and agribusinesses alike made for some deep and engaging conversations and an overall very positive experience.”   “Commodity Classic is where farmers come to gain knowledge and insight—and this year’s educational line-up was focused on helping...

(Posted Fri. Mar 8th, 2019)

The National Corn Growers Association released a video last week offering tips from perennial high-yield entrants of the National Corn Yield Contest during a breakfast at Commodity Classic in Orlando honoring the state winners of the 2018 contest. The new video, which accompanies the traditional online NCYC Guide, offers farmers across the country a chance to apply the tips learned through the contest to their own operations to improve their yields and their bottom line.   To view the video, click here.   “The contest affords an opportunity for farmers to test their skill against their peers while also providing NCGA with a significant amount of information about cutting-edge production practices that all farmers might find useful,” said NCGA Stewardship Action Team Chair Roger Zylstra. “NCGA always looks for new and innovative ways to use this data, sharing the lessons learned with corn farmers. The video provides a quick, simple way for interested farmers to discover new...