Winning the War Against Weeds Takes a Serious Strategy

(Posted Fri. Jan 24th, 2020)

Keywords: Biotechnology

Ok, let’s be honest, the last thing you want to think about this time of year are the weeds you will battle in the growing season ahead. But the truth is preparing for the weed pressures and building a management plan that is robust, as well as flexible, is every bit as important to your success as trait selection and nutrient planning. It’s about giving your crops a competitive advantage against weeds, delaying the evolution of herbicide resistance and preserving herbicide technology.   You should craft your weed management plan with the notion that it can and should influence multiple growing seasons. Long-term herbicide-resistance management requires an outlook that goes beyond minimizing crop loss in any one season to understanding how your strategy this year can also set you up for success in subsequent years. It requires long-term strategies focused on delaying the evolution of herbicide resistance and reducing weed seed in your fields.   Effective herbicide-resistance...

(Posted Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020)

Keywords: Farm Policy Risk Management

Farmers have until March 15, 2020 to complete the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) election and enrollment process for the 2019 crop year. As a reminder, you must select the same program for 2019 and 2020, but you may elect a new program each year for 2021, 2022 and 2023.   Visiting your local FSA office well before the deadline will ensure farmers have ample time to successfully enroll and participate in these risk management programs. Currently, you can fill out your paperwork for both 2019 and 2020 enrollment in one visit to your FSA office.   For more information on selecting the best program for your operation, the National Coalition for Producer Education (NCPE), led by the University of Illinois - and the Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) at Texas A&M University, in conjunction with the Food and Agricultural Policy Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri -

Commodity Classic Discounted Registration Fees End January 29

(Posted Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020)

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Only a few days remain to take advantage of registration discounts for the 2020 Commodity Classic to be held Feb. 27-29 in San Antonio, Tex.   Wednesday, January 29, 2020, is the last day the discounts will be in effect.    Registration fees vary depending on the number of days attended. Full registration covers all three days of the event, and one-day registrations are also available.  Members of the National Corn Growers Association, American Soybean Association, National Sorghum Producers and National Association of Wheat Growers receive additional discounts on registration.    All registration and housing reservations should be made online at  Experient is the official registration and housing provider for Commodity Classic.  In order to stay at an official Commodity Classic hotel, reservations must be made only through Experient to ensure favorable rates, reasonable terms and confirmed hotel rooms.   The 2020 Commodity Classic will be held at...

National Corn Growers Association Launches New Podcast to Tell the Stories Behind the Issues

(Posted Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020)

Get a behind the scenes look at the corn industry and corn issues in Wherever Jon May Roam, a new podcast launched today and hosted by National Corn Growers Association CEO Jon Doggett and a cast of friends.   Wherever Jon May Roam is a forum for big picture conversations about the future of farming and the corn industry. Wherever Jon May Roam launched today and can be found at on iTunes, Google Play and wherever you get your podcasts.   “Punchy headlines and clever tweets may be easy to consume, but they don’t always foster understanding,” said Doggett. “The idea behind Wherever Jon May Roam is to have real conversations with the many disparate players that are shaping the world of corn so that we can get to know who they are as people and see how that affects what they want to get done for our industry. They say good conversation starts with good listening, and I’ll be doing a lot of that as host of our new podcast.”   New episodes of Wherever Jon May Roam...

Ep. 1 - Hello, My Name is Jon

(Posted Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020)

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Jon Doggett, the CEO of the National Corn Growers Association, travels thousands of miles each year in his mission to protect the future of the American corn-growing industry. And he's got the stories to prove it.   But in this age of quick sound bites and snappy tweets, Jon believes it's time to have a real conversation again. And so he's launching "Wherever Jon May Roam," a podcast dedicated to telling the story behind the headlines and exploring the issues that impact corn producers' bottom lines.   In this episode, Jon shares some stories about growing up on a ranch in Montana, laments the changing nature of politics in Washington D.C., and shares his plans for the podcast with NCGA VP of Communications Neil Caskey.       Direct Share     Show Transcript     Jon Doggett:                  I roam a lot and I'm looking forward to bringing this podcast to different places around the country and having different conversations with different people. I'm going to roam...

Coming Trade Schools to Encourage Farmers, Others to Become Trade Champions

(Posted Tue. Jan 21st, 2020)

Keywords: Trade

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) and the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) are partnering with nearly a dozen state corn organizations this winter to put on five trade schools in farmers’ local areas, aiming to educate and empower grower-leaders on trade topics.   The regional events build on similar workshops held in Washington, D.C., in 2016 and 2019 and in St. Louis in 2018. Each offered wide-ranging information demonstrating the importance of trade to the agriculture industry and farmers’ profitability; details on hot topics on the trade agenda; and training on how participants can talk about trade issues in their communities.   Negotiations on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), a trade agreement with Japan and a trade deal with China dominated much of agriculture news in 2019, spurring interest among those in the ag sector and creating demand for more and more detailed information on trade topics.   “In the last several years, we’ve really seen the interest in...

NCGA Statement: Senate Passes USMCA

(Posted Thu. Jan 16th, 2020)

Keywords: Trade; USMCA

National Corn Growers Association President Kevin Ross today thanked members of the U.S. Senate for their bipartisan approval of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Ross made the following statement.   “Nearly a year ago, NCGA’s farmer members, recognizing the importance of our trading relationship with Mexico and Canada, declared passage of USMCA their top legislative priority. Since that time, corn farmers have been using every opportunity to urge members of Congress to support the new trade agreement and we are incredibly thankful for the strong bipartisan support it has received in the Senate today.   “NCGA thanks the U.S. Senators who voted to ensure corn farmers will continue to have access to our largest and most reliable markets and is especially grateful for the leadership of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley who has been a steadfast supporter of corn growers and committed to getting USMCA across the finish...

NCGA at White House for U.S.-China Phase One Signing

(Posted Wed. Jan 15th, 2020)

Keywords: Trade

NCGA President Kevin Ross today attended a White House ceremony, commemorating the signing of the phase one deal between the United States and China. Ross made the following statement.   “Signing the phase one agreement with China is a step in the right direction to resolving the trade dispute with China and restoring the trading relationship between our two countries. China holds tremendous opportunity for American corn, ethanol and DDGs and NCGA looks forward to learning further details of what phase one will mean for these products. As more specifics become available, we will closely monitor implementation to ensure that the commitments are upheld and that U.S. corn farmers resume trading with Chinese customers. NCGA urges the Administration to quickly commence phase two negotiations and work to resolve retaliatory tariffs.”

(Posted Fri. Jan 10th, 2020)

Keywords: Production

America’s corn farmers are projected to produce the smallest corn crop since 2015 according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports released today. The production decrease is the result of a national average yield forecast of 168.0 bushels per acre, the lowest since 2013. Notably, the corn acreage harvested in 2019 very slightly, by less than one percentage point, than was in 2018.   Significant decreases in year-over-year average yields were seen in many states, with Illinois down by 29 bushels per acre and Ohio and Indiana also more than 20 bushels per acre below state averages from 2018. The yield decreases were partially offset by states with increased year-over-year averages such as Texas, which was up by 23 bushels per acre and Maryland and Missouri, which both saw 15 bushels per acre increases over the previous year.   The largest overall production decrease was seen in Illinois, which is forecast to have produced 421,800 less bushels than the year prior. South...