(Posted Tue. Oct 25th, 2011)

Oct. 25: Harvest is progressing quickly this year with 65 percent of acres already complete, a full 14 points over the five-year trend, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released Monday afternoon.  Corn condition overall remains stable as the season nears an end, with 54 percent of the crop rated good or excellent. 


“Farmers relied on a strong, deeply engrained work ethic this season that allowed them to grow an abundant crop despite difficult conditions across much of the Corn Belt,” said National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer.  “Now, they are reaping the benefits of their labors as harvest moves along quickly in most areas.  Farmers should take pride in their accomplishments and the greater public, as beneficiaries of their work, should examine the importance of the technologies and practices that made this achievement possible.”


These accomplishments come in spite of areas which, due to adverse weather conditions, continue to lag in maturity or harvest progress.  Only 76 percent of planted acres of corn in Ohio, which had an extremely short planting window late in the season, have reached maturity, thus causing it to be the only state not matching the five-year trend in this respect.  Any lag appears relatively minor to overall progress though as, nationally, progress has moved more quickly than normal.  Thus, indications point to timely harvest completion for the vast majority of growers.


For a full copy of the report, please click here.