APRIL 2012


(Posted Mon. Apr 23rd, 2012)

PlantingApr. 23: Corn planting is progressing well ahead of the five-year average across much of the Corn Belt according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released today.  As a whole, the report indicates that a full 28 percent of the nation’s corn crop had already been planted as of April 22, nearly double the 15 percent five-year average at that time.


“For many farmers, this spring planting has been an exciting time,” said National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer.  “While the possibility of inclement weather negatively impacting a corn crop remains present until it is harvested, the early, favorable conditions this year have fueled a great amount of hope for many.  With planting and emergence well underway, we look forward with cautious optimism for an abundant crop in 2012.”


Southern states have benefitted the most as weather allowed for early planting that far outpaced previous years.  Kentucky and Tennessee both progressed more than 40 points ahead of the five-year trend with 75 and 88 percent of projected corn acres planted respectively.  Further north, Illinois also exceeded the 40 point ahead of average mark with 59 percent of total corn acres planted, a full 42 points over the 17 percent average.


Some states further to the north also found planting progressing significantly ahead of schedule with 46 percent of corn acres planted in Indiana which normally would have only 10 percent of acres planted at this point.  Both Ohio and Missouri have progressed ahead of the average by more than 20 points, with 34 and 50 percent of corn acres planted respectively.


As of April 22, none of the 18 states in which 92 percent of the corn acres were planted in 2011 had fallen a more than five points behind the five-year average.


Likewise, corn emergence has also progressed more quickly than the five-year average with 9 percent of total acres emerged nationally.  Tennessee led in corn acres emerged at 61 percent which also placed them the furthest ahead of their state’s five-year average at a full 41 points.  Emergence has also surpassed at a faster than average rate in Kentucky, North Carolina and Illinois by 20 points or more.


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