APRIL 2012


(Posted Mon. Apr 2nd, 2012)

Apr. 2: Young ethanol enthusiasts and aspiring actors alike should start shoring up scripts and collecting cameras to create entries for a new video contest created by the National Corn Growers Association’s Ethanol Committee today.  This opportunity will ask high school and college students to create a video that, in two minutes or less, showcases five facts about ethanol for submission between contest opening in early May and the final deadline, which will be late in the fall of 2012.


“We are extremely excited to launch this new project which will help connect our youth to corn-based ethanol, the fuel of the future,” said NCGA Ethanol Committee Chairman Chad Willis. “The innovative format of the submissions makes them ideal for placement on websites such as YouTube or for sharing through social mediums, including Facebook and Twitter.  In marketing, they always say that it is crucial to reach your audience where they already are.  In showcasing the benefits of this homegrown, sustainable fuel through new media, we are helping educate the next generation of a fuel option that can carry them forward.”


Winning videos will be posted on the NCGA YouTube site, promoted at state events, showcased at county fairs,  aired during national meetings and, hopefully, will even  ‘go viral’ for the general public to view.   While generating ideas, potential contestants might want to consider these factors: ethanol’s environmental attributes, its renewability, how it decreases reliance on foreign oil, and the role ethanol plays in enhancing local economies.


The contest idea came about when team members were looking at the success of a similar competition held by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.  With IRFA’s support, the committee built upon the idea and passed a plan to create and administer the contest today.  To view the winning video from the IRFA competition, click here.


The video competition rules will be posted at the NCGA site and promoted to colleges and high schools throughout the nation by early May and again in late August/early September.  All videos submitted will be the property of NCGA.


For contest details, questions or to submit a competition name, please contact NCGA at