MAY 2012


(Posted Mon. May 21st, 2012)

May 21: The 2012 planting season is almost over, with 96 percent of U.S. corn acres already planted, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released today.  In addition, the report indicated that the crop appears to be progressing well with 76 percent of corn acres emerged and 77 percent of the crop in good to excellent condition.


 “This year, it seems that every week that passes brings additional indicators that, if the corn crop stays on course, we will see an unparalleled harvest this fall,” said National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer.  “Farmers persevered through difficult weather conditions for two years.  This year, we hope that the weather will provide us with the opportunity to provide an abundance of corn for food, feed, fuel and fiber that will exceed even the growing global demand.”


Planting progressed quickly this year, currently exceeding the five-year average by 15 points. Only three states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, that had more than 10 percent of corn acres left to plant as of Sunday, May 20. 


Emergence exceeded the five-year trend by 28 points with 76 percent of corn acres emerged to date.  With USDA estimates placing 77 percent of the corn crop’s quality at good to excellent and forecasts still projecting a record number of acres planted to corn, U.S. corn farmers remain on track to provide the largest corn harvest on record.


For today’s full crop progress report, click here.