MAY 2012


(Posted Mon. May 21st, 2012)

May 21: With the 2012 Corn Utilization and Technology Conference rapidly approaching, the National Corn Growers Association’s Off the Cob podcast series spoke with Indiana Corn Marketing Council Secretary Gary Lamie, one of the event’s platinum sponsors.  Lamie welcomed attendees to his home state and invited them to attend the Amazing Maize exhibit at the Indiana State Museum. 


“Those of us on the boards of the Indiana Corn Growers Association and Indiana Corn Marketing Council are very proud to have the CUTC here in our home state,” said Lamie. “We are really looking forward to attending the event.”


Opening June 4, the conference is quickly approaching, and many attendees are gearing up for the array of educational and networking opportunities that it offers.


“This year, the theme is Back to the Grind,” Lamie explained. “We will be looking at new uses for both wet and dry grind processing.  There will be a variety of sessions on subjects from enzymatic technology in advanced biofuels to aflatoxin mitigation and mycotoxin research.”


Lamie in particular knows a significant amount about corn-related research as he serves his fellow growers at the national level through NCGA’s Research and Business Development Action Team.


“As the vice chair of the Research and Business Development Action Team, I am excited to share this top-notch event with those in Indiana,” said Lamie.  “Our team has been looking at many new uses, including non-fuel uses for ethanol and nanoparticles from corn. Our team will further explore even more possibilities prior to Corn Congress in Washington this July.”


Lamie went on to explain how the pace required to conduct thorough research often seems slow, but that frustration with this circumstance should not lead to frustration that would interrupt important discoveries.


“With research, there can be long lag times with projects that take many years to come to fruition,” Lamie explained.  “It is very important that the RBDAT stay focused and take the long-term view.”


Finally, Lamie offered a special gift to CUTC attendees on behalf of the Indiana Corn Marketing Council.  At registration, he noted that CUTC guests would be offered free tickets to another ICMC-sponsored event, the Amazing Maize exhibit.


“The Indiana Corn Marketing Council, as one of the sponsors of the Amazing Maize exhibit at the Indiana State Museum, invites everyone attending the CUTC to take a short walk down the street and view this informative, insightful exhibit,” said Lamie. “This exhibit takes attendees on a journey from the earliest origins of corn to today’s most promising technologies still in development.  With interactive portions of the exhibit and video components, it offers something for all age groups to enjoy.”


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