MAY 2012


(Posted Wed. May 16th, 2012)

Chip Bowling Farm Bill Testimony 5.2012May 16: Marking the first of a two day series, National Corn Growers Association Board Member Chip Bowling testified today before the House Agriculture Subcommittee on General Commodities and Risk Management on the 2012 farm bill.  Bowling, who also serves on the Public Policy Action Team, outlined NCGA’s priorities for a strong federal crop insurance program and a revenue-based, risk management tool. 


“The ability to purchase federal crop insurance and have access to a flexible revenue-based, risk management program to mitigate risks is even more critical today,” Bowling, a grower from Newburg, Maryland said. “NCGA understands farmers need to be able to endure a certain amount of loss in any one year.  However, we are trying to protect farmers from depleting their emergency funds when they encounter revenue losses over multiple years.”


Bowling also stated NCGA believes the Agricultural Risk Coverage program in the Senate Agriculture Committee’s version of the farm bill reflects the NCGA principal that government programs should not encourage producers to take on unnecessary risk.  He went on to state the program is designed to partially offset losses not covered by crop insurance and to alleviate sharp year-to-year declines in price.


“The 2012 Farm Bill presents an opportunity to advance needed improvements in the commodity title that can work more effectively with a strong federal crop insurance program,” said Bowling. “We understand the difficult task before your Committee but we also stress it would better serve farmers across the country to get a farm bill done this year.”


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