JUNE 2012


(Posted Wed. Jun 20th, 2012)

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First in a series profiling candidates for the 2013 Corn Board.




June 20: A dynamic individual who embraces a spirit of cooperation and civic-mindedness, Keith Alverson volunteers long hours to the service of farmers across the country.  Now, he wishes to contribute his perspective, hard-work and insight by continuing his service as a member of the 2013 National Corn Growers Association Corn Board.


“I view every situation as an opportunity and look to find the possible positives in every case,” said Alverson. “NCGA has been successful in a variety of things, previous farm bills and renewable fuel legislation among others, and we really need to build upon those prior successes now.  At the same time, we need to also broaden our outlook and find ways to address issues on the horizon, such as water quality and improving the sustainability of production practices, so that we can continue the farming tradition.”


A 2009 graduate of NCGA’s Leadership Academy, Alverson now serves on the Corn Board.  Previously, he served as the chair of the NCGA Ethanol Committee. Additionally, Alverson has served at the state level as the vice president of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, and the secretary/treasurer for the South Dakota Corn Growers Association.


“I think a lot of my drive to service comes from the role models that I have had in my life,” explained Alverson. “I grew up here watching the time that my grandpa had spent on local coop and elevator boards and with a dad who helped found the state corn growers organization. Personally, I have been deeply involved in the ethanol industry. Giving back is just something that I grew up with, and so I value the concept of giving back to the industry and your fellow farmers. I want to improve the lives of not just my friends and neighbors, but also the lives of the rest of our farm family out there in the countryside.”


Alverson and his wife, Kari, operate a sixth-generation grain farm in eastern South Dakota with his parents, aunt and uncle. On the 2,600-acre operation, Alverson grows corn and soybeans while continually striving to improve the land and environment for future generations.


The NCGA Corn Board election takes place at the July 18 Corn Congress session in Washington.


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