JUNE 2012


(Posted Mon. Jun 25th, 2012)

June 25: Last week, the National Corn Growers Association took part in intensive discussions on the future of ethanol with key participants from groups representing the ethanol industry, the oil industry, auto emissions concerns, retailers and consumers during the Next Generation Engine and Fuels Forum.  Held in Washington, the conference looked at the future of a variety of fuels and the engines needed to move our nation forward.


“Leaving these discussions, I feel energized and hopeful that ethanol has a bright future that will better utilize its environmental and national energy independence benefits,” said NCGA Director of Biofuels Dr. Pam Keck. “I found many key stakeholders who support higher ethanol blends, and I hope that, by working together, we will make our growers' vision of decreasing our dependence on foreign oil through an expanded biofuel market a reality.”


Keck noted that much of the support for ethanol stems from the fuel’s inherent octane, a benefit which can be maximized through strategic engine design and through higher percentages of ethanol incorporated into traditional fuels. 


The workshop, which included a pre-forum session, ran for three days and covered topics including: Planning for the Future of Vehicles, Engines and Fuels under the New CAFÉ and Anticipated Tier 3 Standards, Building Out a Retail Infrastructure for Next Generation Fuels, Challenges to Getting Advanced Ethanols and Drop-in Biomass-Based Fuels into Production and to the Marketplace, and Planning for Collaboration.


For more information on the forum, click here.