JULY 2012


(Posted Mon. Jul 30th, 2012)

July 30:  National Corn Growers Association President Garry Niemeyer released the following statement in response to the drought and the call by some for the EPA to waive provisions of the Renewable Fuel Standard.


“NCGA stands firm in its support of the Renewable Fuel Standard and will strongly oppose legislation to alter or repeal the RFS. Likewise, we believe it is premature for a waiver of the RFS provisions at this point. With the crop still in the field, it is too early to determine this year’s final corn supply. In addition, the ethanol industry now has a significant surplus of ethanol and RFS  credits that can greatly offset ethanol’s impact on the corn supply.


“However, we recognize the severe impact of the drought on our farmers and our customers, here and abroad, with livestock, poultry, ethanol and other processing facilities, and we believe the flexibility of the RFS does work, and will work. NCGA also supports the waiver process that is embodied in the current RFS, and respects the right of those that may file a waiver petition to do so.


“In the meantime, NCGA continues to encourage those seeking RFS legislation to, instead, work through the government’s existing RFS waiver petition process in the event they believe it has caused severe economic harm.


“Many of our farmer members are suffering immensely from the drought. Many are also in the same predicament as our customers because they have livestock or own ethanol plant shares. Now is the time for all of American agriculture to pull together and work together for solutions that benefit us all.”