JULY 2012


(Posted Tue. Jul 31st, 2012)

PSAT July 2012July 31: Transportation, lock privatization, water quality issues and regulatory burdens were just of a few of the topics discussed at the National Corn Growers Association’s Production and Stewardship Action Team meetings July 16-17 in Washington. The team’s agenda also included current program updates on litigation activities, the National Corn Yield Contest, Field to Market, the National Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture and a best management practices project for water quality.


“The business of monitoring and developing programs for production and stewardship concerns covers a wide range of topics,” said NCGA Production and Stewardship Action Team Vice Chair Don Glenn, an Alabama corn grower. “This team investigates problems and searches for management remedies that cover not only the work of planting and harvesting corn, but all the inputs and resources need to grow the crop and the modes of transportation that get it to market. Although it’s often a challenge to address all the issues that come up, the advantage of analyzing situations from such a broad perspective allows us to find suitable solutions that work to the benefit of corn farmers not against them.”


Reports by the Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee and River Recovery Implementation Committee were given, along with presentations on pollinator issues and regulatory effects on agriculture. Larry Elworth of the EPA and Robert Bonnie of the USDA discussed water regulatory issues with the team. Their comments were followed by presentations from state affiliate representatives on what is happening with water regulation at local and regional levels.