(Posted Mon. Sep 17th, 2012)

Sept. 17: As harvest progresses and the fiscal year draws to a close, Off the Cob takes a moment to visit with the grower leaders departing and coming on to the Corn Board in fiscal year 2013. First, Corn Board member Clark Gerstacker, who will retire from Corn Board service this October, gives his thoughts on the accomplishments during his tenure and the importance of the organization moving forward.


“One of the things that we have really worked hard on over the past few years is the infrastructure of the organization,” explained Gerstacker. “We have not only grown our membership, setting three records in as many months and now standing more than 38,000 members strong, we have also taken advantage of these good years to provide our staffs in St. Louis and D.C. with the tools necessary to elevate how farmers across the country are represented. They can handle a challenging year, given these structural improvements.”


Even though membership has grown considerably during Gerstacker’s tenure on the board, he looks forward and sees how important a role NCGA will play in the success of many fellow farmers.


“To those growers who are not currently members of NCGA, I encourage you to really look at who is looking out for your interests as a corn grower,” Gerstacker said. “I farm with my brother on a very diverse operation, but corn is still the staple of what we grow. Although some other organizations look out for agriculture, no one else is looking out for what matters most to us as corn producers. I would encourage folks to consider who is watching out for them as a corn producer because that plays a huge role in your bottom line and in the opportunities that you will have moving forward.”


To listen to the full interview, click here.