(Posted Fri. Oct 26th, 2012)

Oct. 26: The National Corn Growers Association recognizes the European Union for opening its markets to U.S. corn-based ethanol co-products, including distillers dried grains with solubles and corn gluten feed, through the official approval of MIR 162 Agrisure Viptera, a Syngenta corn variety.  The decision follows years of industry leadership and efforts orchestrated by the U.S. Grains Council, of which NCGA is a founding member, and its partners in the EU, including grain trade association COCERAL, feed millers association FEFAC and the Irish Feed Millers Association.


“This approval is a great success as it opens the window of opportunity for U.S. products, including DDGS and CGF, to enter the EU market,” said USGC Senior Regional Director Cary Sifferath, who is based in Tunis. “This is especially attractive in big markets like Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Their ability to import these high-protein feed ingredients is critical at a time of crop shortage in Europe and high prices. Everyone is looking for alternatives.”


Sifferath noted, however, the opportunity may only exist for a limited amount of time as new crop biotech events coming down the pipeline have not yet received EU approval. U.S. farmers may plant some of these products as soon as the spring of 2013, thus they would enter the marketplace by fall of next year. Provided the approval process remains sluggish with this trade block, this could again stall sales of U.S. co-products into the EU.


"Corn co-products are tremendous feed ingredients and, as such, are recognized as a good value by buyers within Europe and around the world," Sifferath said. "Approvals of biotechnology events, such as this one, help livestock and poultry producers manage costs and expand options. We are hopeful the availability of these options continue well into the future."