(Posted Tue. Oct 9th, 2012)

Oct 9: Farmers again picked up the pace, pushing corn harvest closer to completion and further ahead of schedule. Currently, 69 percent of harvested acres have already been brought in, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture report released today. A full 41 points ahead of the five-year average and 15 points ahead of just the prior week, farmers across the country are working diligently to bring the crop in from the fields and get it into the U.S. corn supply.


“Farmers understand how important of a role weather plays in determining the success of a crop,” said National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson. “While this summer’s drought certainly took its toll, corn farmers are working tirelessly to get the crop out of field and into bins. Their commitment to maximizing the crop drives them forward, often late into the night, harvesting now to make sure they provide the most abundant, highest quality corn possible.”


With much of the crop already harvested, USDA reports scheduled for release this Thursday will provide a clearer look at the size of the U.S. corn supply.


“For months, we have asked that those interested in the corn supply practice patience and remain calm while we wait for an accurate accounting of the crop to emerge,” said Johnson. “The vast majority of media coverage has relied upon preliminary data and projections to draw conclusions which may prove premature or inaccurate. Resilient and persistent, farmers have pushed ahead steadily. As they refuse to quit in the face of adversity, let’s show our support for the industry which provides our country with the most abundant, affordable food supply in the world by passing legislation that will provide the risk management tools that allow them to continue doing so.”


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