(Posted Tue. Oct 2nd, 2012)

Oct. 2: As the 2013 fiscal year begins, the National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Board has thanked past Chairman and President Bart Schott for his service and leadership. Schott, who served as president during the 2011 fiscal year, will continue to work on behalf of his fellow corn growers through NCGA’s Commodity Classic Joint Venture Committee.


The Off the Cob podcast series sat down with Schott to discuss the Corn Board’s accomplishments during his tenure, to reflect on what he learned through his experiences and to ask his advice for farmers considering volunteering for leadership roles. 


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Looking back to his time as president of the Corn Board, Schott noted that the past three years have brought a wide range of issues to the forefront.


“It seems like every year brought with it new challenges and situations,” he explained. “Personally, I look back and think more about the wins, of which there were many.”


Focusing on the successes that came to fruition during his presidency, Schott recounts many achievements that benefit corn farmers today.


“For two and a half years, I have been a part of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance,” he began. “The formation and execution of this idea come to mind first when I think of our accomplishments because I have been able to watch it grow and flourish. Now, USFRA acts as an important vehicle helping farmers and ranchers come to the national debate on food and farming. USFRA really brings all of agriculture together for a dialogue with consumers.”


Giving a large amount of credit to current NCGA Chairman Garry Niemeyer and the 2012 Corn Board for the free trade agreements reached during the last fiscal year, Schott spoke proudly of the work done to expand export markets for U.S. corn.


“We worked very hard on the free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Korea during my time as president,” he went on to explain. “We also worked with the U.S. Grains Council on the DDG dumping issue raised by China with the World Trade Organization, even traveling there to meet with China’s Minister of Trade.”


Schott noted that the discussions with China not only improved communications between the parties but also provided a clearer picture of the growing demand for this quality feed ingredient.


Discussing topics from the international respect for NCGA that he discovered through his experiences to the importance of giving back to one’s industry, Schott deemed his service on the Corn Board as one of the most important accomplishments in his professional life.


“I took my responsibilities seriously, remaining constantly aware that I was only one of our country’s 300,000 corn growers,” Schott summarized.