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(Posted Fri. Nov 30th, 2012)

Nov. 30:  The National Corn Growers Association submitted the following letter to the editor of USA Today in response to a story about the American Automobile Association’s position on the safety of E15 for cars and trucks.  Click here for more information on how E15 is one of the most tested fuels available.


“While controversy makes a better story than tried-and-true facts, the November 30 story about the American Automobile Association’s attack on E15 ethanol is baffling. The National Corn Growers Association agrees that American drivers should not be exposed to fuel blends that are untested and possibly unsafe. The fact is, E15 has been the most aggressively and comprehensively tested fuel in the history of the EPA, which allows its use for vehicles starting with the 2001 model year. 


“Education is always the best relief for confusion, and corn farmers and the ethanol industry are working diligently with the petroleum industry, gas retailers, automakers, state and local regulators and consumers to ensure E15 is used properly, and EPA has approved it for vehicles 2001 and newer, not just 2012 models, as stated by AAA. The inclusion of ethanol in our domestic fuel goes back to an effort to replace the toxic oxygenate MTBE in U.S. gasoline.


“American consumers are looking for a choice to fuel their vehicles. Due to the success of ethanol, we’ve now got a safe automotive fuel that burns cleaner, saves money at the pump, reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and supports more than 400,000 jobs across the country.  EPA has the verified data supporting E15. NASCAR race cars have run more than 3 million miles on E15. How can you argue with that?”