(Posted Wed. Feb 27th, 2013)

Feb. 27: The National Corn Growers Association invites farmers who are graduates of the NCGA Leadership Academy to further hone their leadership skills by participating in the Advanced Leadership Program, sponsored by Syngenta. Applications for the program are due April 12. NCGA urges interested members to contact their state associations now for further information and to be nominated to participate.

“Building a strong cadre of well-trained leaders is an important part of growing a respected and professional association,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson. “Our grower leaders serve a great role as industry spokespersons and valuable thought-leaders, and programs like Advanced Leadership give them the opportunity to learn leadership and practice what they learned in several important ways. I found my participation in Advanced Leadership to be invaluable.”

The Advanced Leadership Program is open to graduates of Leadership Academy. The first session addresses personal communications, negotiation skills, transformational leadership and association management. The second session addresses advanced media training, deeper examinations of public policy issues, and working with lobbyists, NGOs and regulators.

The focus of the Advanced Leadership Program is to develop graduates into leaders who can take what they have learned and return to their state organizations or national positions and be transformational leaders for those around them. The curriculum is designed to empower this elite group of grower leaders with highly relevant training regarding issues facing state or national leadership that they can, in turn, share with others in their organization.

Prospective participants must be registered members of NCGA. Those interested should contact their state corn organization which will submit nominees for the program. The class size is limited to five to seven participants so the class may fill up quickly.

Advanced Leadership and Leadership Academy are part of Syngenta’s “Leadership At Its Best” Program. Since 1986, the National Corn Growers Association, the state corn associations and, most importantly, the U.S. corn industry, have benefited tremendously from this program. More than 570 growers have gained invaluable media, communications, association management and public policy knowledge and skills over the lifetime of the program.

Applications are also available from state association offices for the Leadership Academy Program. Two applicants per state are invited to apply for that program, which are due March 29.