MARCH 2013


(Posted Thu. Mar 14th, 2013)

Mar. 14: This week, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad called on House and Senate leadership to maintain support of the Renewable Fuel Standard in a letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The National Corn Growers Association praises the governors for their action and urges Congressional leadership to take the many points outlined in their letter into consideration.

“NCGA commends the governors for taking action in support of the RFS and the rural economies that benefit from the jobs that it creates,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson. “As their letter states, uncertainty created by proposed RFS modifications has weakened the market for biofuels and discouraged investment. America benefits from having home-grown, affordable biofuels that build our economies while decreasing pollution. The RFS remains in our nation’s best economic and energy security interest.”

The letter sent by Quinn and Branstad combats misinformation spread by what the letter characterizes as a “well-funded, unrelenting and false” campaign calling for the repeal of the RFS. Specifically criticizing arguments that make inaccurate claims blaming biofuels for rising global food prices, the letter cautions that this misinformation could cause the United States to miss important opportunities to displace foreign oil imports.

In summation the governors wrote, “The current flexibilities and safeguards built into the RFS are working.… We urge you to reject any modifications to the RFS.”

To see the full letter as sent to the House, click here.

To see the full letter as sent to the Senate, click here.