APRIL 2013


(Posted Tue. Apr 30th, 2013)

Apr. 30: Today, The Hill published a blog authored by Michigan State University Professor Bruce Dale on how the oil industry aims to protect its control on our nation’s fuel supply by attacking the Renewable Fuel Standard. The post outlines how this orchestrated assault uses “misleading claims and outright falsehoods” to obscure its true goal of “undermining renewable fuels.”

Directly combatting common claims made against the RFS, Dale shows how the oil industry draws attention away from the fact that the petroleum supply is “both limited and disappearing” to solidify its stranglehold on our fuel supply at the expense or our environmental and energy security. The post comes in direct response to an anti-ethanol op-ed authored by Bill Klesse which ran in that publication yesterday.

Dale sums up his argument with a call to support the RFS and, in turn, our nation’s economy and environment.

“In short, renewable fuel is here and it’s working. That fact is why the oil industry’s efforts to stop renewable fuels are so desperate and disconnected from reality. We must ignore their efforts to protect their profits at our expense. To save at the pump and protect our environment, the answer is simple. We must protect the Renewable Fuel Standard.”

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