MAY 2013


(Posted Thu. May 23rd, 2013)

May 23: National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson released the following statement in response to the Senate’s progress toward a farm bill today:

“We greatly appreciate the work by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow and the Committee to put forth a well-crafted farm bill, and we thank the U.S Senate for the time given to debate and for floor votes today. The National Corn Growers Association is pleased to see progress is being made and a priority is being placed upon passage of this vital legislation.

“We are disappointed with the passage of the Durbin-Coburn Amendment that would significantly reduce premium support for crop insurance participants through an Adjusted Gross Income means test. As the Senate moves forward, we reinforce our opposition to proposed amendments which would cut crop insurance programs and damage the farm safety net that supports our nation’s family farmers when facing adversity.

“Now, we reiterate our call to continue moving this bill along in a swift and thoughtful manner upon the Senate’s return. We look forward to continued work with members and staff on this important piece of legislation and urge Congress to pass a farm bill as soon as possible this year.”