JUNE 2013


(Posted Wed. Jun 26th, 2013)

June 26: During a House Committee on Small Business hearing today in Washington, National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson provided policy recommendations for the U.S. Trade Representative on growing export opportunities.  Johnson focused on the benefits for family famers of expanding export markets and maximizing foreign market access.


“Agricultural producers succeed when industry and government work side-by-side,” NCGA President Pam Johnson said during her testimony.  “It is critical that U.S. negotiators have an appreciation for how increasing exports translates into benefits for family farmers.  The U.S. economy will not benefit from agriculture issues being placed on a ‘to do’ list.  Now is the perfect time to eliminate long standing barriers to agricultural exports and promote policies that bring economic opportunity back to rural America.”


NCGA members have much to gain from government policies that encourage exports and facilitate small, family-owned farms entering the global marketplace, Johnson said. Developing new markets for America’s agricultural products will help the sector lead the nation in economic growth and international competitiveness.  


Johnson also said NCGA has joined other agricultural trade associations in calling for the trade agreement to be comprehensive and to tackle the significant hurdles that must be overcome when dealing with agricultural products. For NCGA members, the biggest challenge is approval of corn and corn products derived through biotechnology.


To read the testimony, click here.