JUNE 2013


(Posted Thu. Jun 6th, 2013)

Jun. 6:  During an event at the National Press Club yesterday, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced a series of agricultural adaptations to climate change. The secretary primarily focused on food supply and environmental challenges American agriculture will face in years to come.

“Our food supply stands at the core of our strength as a nation,” Secretary Vilsack stated during the event. “The bottom line is that in the United States, we produce an amazing amount of food because we adapt to today's threats and prepare for tomorrow's threats. Today, we face a new challenge in the form of a changing and shifting climate.”

The secretary continued by stating the latest science states the threat of a changing climate is new and different from anything American agriculture has tackled. Earlier this year, USDA released two studies detailing projected effects of climate change on agriculture and forestry production. The studies found that short term means exist to manage threats, however in the next fifty years ag faces new and different problems.

"By taking collaborative, regionally-appropriate steps today to adapt to threats, USDA can help American agriculture continue its tremendous productivity in the years to come," Vilsack said. "We've already worked hard to be proactive and ensure that USDA is prepared for modern environmental challenges - but we can't let up in our efforts."

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