JULY 2013


(Posted Mon. Jul 1st, 2013)

July 1: The U.S. corn crop is remains in good condition according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released today. While corn silking reports indicate progress to be six percentage points behind the five-year average of nine percent at this point in the season, crop quality forecasts held strong with reports indicating 67 percent of the crop to be in good to excellent condition. Last year at this time, only 48 percent of the crop still fared as well.


“Despite difficult planting conditions, farmers worked hard to get a record number of corn acres planted this year,” said National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson, a grower in Floyd, Iowa. “Taken together, reports of a strong crop condition and record planted acreage inspire hope that, should favorable weather continue, U.S. corn farmers could produce a record crop in 2013.”


The report included USDA’s fifth assessment of the corn crop condition for this year. Currently, 92 percent of all corn acres are forecast to be in fair to excellent condition with only eight percent rated in poor or very poor condition. While this overall number held steady from last week, the percentage of the crop forecast to be in excellent condition increased by two points since June 24 to a total 16 percent of the crop. Last year, only eight percent of the crop was estimated to be in excellent condition at this point.


The report provided the first assessment of corn silking for the year, indicating that only three percent of the crop reached this stage as of June 30. This trails the five-year average of nine percent by six points but was to be expected due to late plantings this year.


To view the full report released today, click here.