JULY 2013


(Posted Tue. Jul 30th, 2013)

July 30:  The International Maize Alliance (MAIZALL) today announced the election of its initial Board of Directors and officers. Elected as officers of MAIZALL are Julius Schaaf (United States), President; Sérgio Luis Bortolozzo (Brazil), 1st Vice President; Alberto Morelli (Argentina), 2nd Vice President.


MAIZALL is composed of MAIZAR, representing Argentina producers and the maize supply chain; ABRAMILHO (Brazilian Association of Corn Producers); the National Corn Growers Association, and the U.S. Grains Council. The organizations recently signed a memorandum of understanding to form an alliance of North and South American corn growers to collaborate on a global basis to address key issues concerning food security, biotechnology, stewardship, trade and producer image.


Ratified by the four organizations, the MAIZALL board of directors is composed of three directors each from Argentina, Brazil, and the United States. For Argentina the directors are: Alberto Morelli, President, MAIZAR;  Gastón  Fernández  Palma, Vice President, MAIZAR;  Alfredo Paseyro, President, Argentine Seed Association. For Brazil the directors are Sérgio Luis Bortolozzo, Vice-President, ABRAMILHO; Cesário  Ramalho, 1st Secretary, ABRAMILHO; João Carlos Werlang, President, ABRAMILHO.  For the United States the directors are Julius Schaaf, Vice-Chairman, U.S. Grains Council; Pam Johnson, President, National Corn Growers Association; and Ron Gray, Secretary-Treasurer, U.S. Grains Council.


MAIZALL also installed three additional designees representing each country. For Argentina the designees are Juan R. E. Gear, President, GEAR SA; Santiago del Solar, CREA Representative; Martin Fraguio, Executive Director, MAIZAR. For Brazil, the designees are Paulo Bertolini, 1st Treasurer, ABRAMILHO; Cláudio de Jesus, Supervisory Board, ABRAMILHO; Otávio Canesin, Supervisory Board, ABRAMILHO. For the United States the designees are Martin Barbre, First Vice President, National Corn Growers Association; Thomas Sleight, President and CEO, U.S. Grains Council; Floyd Gaibler, Director, Trade Policy & Biotechnology, U.S. Grains Council.


Also today, MAIZALL announced its public website at  The website will provide background information on MAIZALL, including the memorandum of understanding between the organizations; its Board of Directors and the major objectives. It will also provide news releases on various activities of MAIZALL, including presentations and articles, studies, etc. on biotechnology and modern farming practices. Separately, the website provides access to various resources on; food security; global biotech adoption; FAQs; links to government and non-government organizations. In the near future, the website will provide information on the initial activities of the alliance as well additional resources of information.