JULY 2013


(Posted Wed. Jul 24th, 2013)

July 24: Today National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson spoke on the impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard on the agricultural sector before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power.  Other witness panels focused on fuel production and fuel sale and use.


“The Renewable Fuel Standard is doing exactly what it was intended to do,” Johnson said during her testimony.  “It has positively impacted the agriculture sector by creating jobs and promoting rural development, reducing greenhouse gases and allowing our nation to grow our energy at home.”


Johnson stated the ethanol industry has created opportunity in rural America allowing her two sons and a growing number of young farmers to be able to return to the farm after college.  She also pointed to benefits to rural communities because of the RFS.  Her community in rural Iowa has been able to build a new fire station, remodel the hospital and hire additional teachers because of the economic activity created by the local ethanol industry.


Members on the committee have stated they are using this hearing to determine whether to reform, or even repeal, the RFS.  NCGA continues to stress the importance of farmers meeting with their representatives during the August recess and telling personal stories on the benefits of the RFS.


To read the entire testimony,  click here