(Posted Wed. Sep 25th, 2013)

Sept. 25: Yesterday, a team organized by the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program to examine agricultural trade and food safety visited the National Corn Growers Association for discussions about improving the economic outlook for farmers and enriching the quality of farm family life. The discussion, part of an effort to enhance international understanding of U.S. policies and systems that regulate and support agriculture, included participants from Argentina, Austria, Morocco, Portugal, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Venezuela.


The meeting, led by NCGA Director of Biotechnology and Economic Analysis Nathan Fields, included an overview of NCGA, of U.S. corn supply and demand, and of how NCGA works to develop markets and improve efficiency of corn production.


 “We focused on how the work we do keeps American agriculture viable and profitable,” said Fields. “It is a great opportunity to show the world how NCGA supports growers. It is also beneficial to our staff to learn about world issues, broadening our understanding of world commodity markets and challenges.”


The team included government and business leadership from organizations involved with agricultural research, food safety, finance, the environment, logistics and grain promotion. While in the United States, the team will examine U.S. policies and programs related to agricultural trade, food safety, and sustainable agriculture. Additionally, they will explore U.S. food commodity regulation and marketing while looking at programs that facilitate agricultural research, inspection, trade promotion and resource conservation.