(Posted Thu. Sep 19th, 2013)

Sept. 19: Fuels America, of which the National Corn Growers Association is a founding member, released a new poll today highlighting that a strong majority of Americans support E15 availability at the gas station. Additionally, it showed that nearly four in five Americans believe the oil industry’s ongoing efforts to block the availability of E15 is bad for consumers.


Fuels America conducted the poll of more than 1,200 U.S. adults to gauge consumer opinions of E15, fuel made of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. This information comes on the heels of E15’s reentrance into the American fuel market this past Sunday. Forty stations in nine states now offer the fuel, approximately 14 months after it was approved by EPA for commercial sale. E15 currently sells for between 10 and 20 cents less per gallon than regular gasoline.


The results also revealed that:


  • 82 percent of Americans support E15 availability at their local gas stations.
  • 76 percent of Americans want access to even higher ethanol fuel blends, such as E20 or E30.
  • 79 percent of Americans believe that the oil industry’s efforts to block the availability of E15 are bad for consumers.


“The National Corn Growers Association stands behind American drivers’ right to have choices at the pump,” said NCGA President Pam Johnson. “This poll clearly shows that Americans agree. Ethanol provides a renewable, domestically produced fuel choice that saves the environment and consumer dollars. Efforts to block E15 availability deprive our nation of that choice.”


The data was released during a teleconference that also debunked a number of myths that oil and gas industry lobbyists continue to perpetuate about E15.


Renewable Fuels Association spokesperson Robert White discussed a recent Petroleum Equipment Institute report on the low cost of retrofitting a gas station to sell E15. The American Petroleum Institute is currently running a campaign against the fuel in order to protect their monopoly and profits and has told the public that it would be too cost prohibitive to retrofit gas stations for E15. This is not the case, according to a recent report coming from the non-partisan experts at PEI. The report notes that it would cost slightly less than $0.01 per gallon of gasoline sold for the average retail gas station.


Additionally, an E15 retailer who owns several transportation energy retail locations shared his experiences talking to customers he hears from customers. Auto-mechanic and radio personality Bobby Likis, also addressed the safety of E15 for engines.

“E15 is the most tested fuel in history and is absolutely safe for every car model year 2001 or after,” said Likis. “The campaign the oil industry is running to make consumers think otherwise has no scientific foundation. In fact, E15 is cleaner burning than traditional gasoline which can improve performance—one of the many reasons NASCAR uses it exclusively.”


Fuels America is a coalition of organizations committed to protecting America’s Renewable Fuel Standard and promoting the benefits of all types of renewable fuel already growing in America. Fuels America is founded on a simple core principle: Renewable fuel is good for the U.S. economy, for our nation’s energy security and for the environment. For more information, please visit www.fuelsamerica.org