(Posted Tue. Nov 5th, 2013)

Nov. 5:  Corn growers from four states were at the Dallas Motor Speedway this weekend to spread the good word about American Ethanol to more than 100,000 fans in attendance over the three-day race weekend.


Throughout the weekend, members of the farmer delegation from Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Nebraska had the opportunity to work alongside NASCAR driver and American Ethanol spokesman Kenny Wallace, who answered questions about E15 ethanol and signed autographs for fans.


The group handed out nearly 3,000 American Ethanol green starter flags, which could be seen flying high in the track midway and in the campground surrounding the track. Roving teams also handed out prizes to those flying their flags.

American Ethanol’s associate sponsorship on Austin Dillon’s No. 3 car in the Nationwide race was a central part of the weekend and was further augmented by a dozen large ethanol banners near track entrances and a large digital sign on the driver scoring tower.


A mobile biofuels trailer was also set up on the midway, crowded with fans throughout the weekend. The exhibit included lots of visual educational material related to ethanol’s many benefits and provided a great opportunity for fans to talk to the people who grow the corn that is instrumental to their lives as food, fuel and fiber. 


A group of VIPs attending an educational seminar in Ft. Worth joined the corn grower group for the Sprint Cup race on Sunday and got to see E15 ethanol in action on the track. The group, which included representatives from Texas A & M University, Texas Department of Agriculture and congressional staff, met with farmers and had the opportunity to visit with Dillon and race team owner Richard Childress.


The event marked the largest and the last major activation for the American Ethanol brand in 2013. Building general awareness of E15’s introduction into the sport and its success on track amongst the NASCAR fan base is a high priority of the American Ethanol program. However, we are now well into the next phase, which includes more detailed education of all the economic, environmental and energy security benefits of ethanol.