(Posted Wed. Nov 20th, 2013)

Nov. 20: The National Corn Growers Association joined with other farm organizations late Tuesday in a letter to congressional leadership that proposed a compromise on the commodity title of the farm bill, now in conference negotiations on Capitol Hill.


In the letter, NCGA, the American Soybean Association and the U.S. Canola Association noted that the three organizations have different views on various issues regarding the commodity title, including which payment acres should be established for price and revenue programs.


In order to avoid another extension of the 2008 farm bill, the organizations proposed using the average of planted acres during the five years previous to the current year as the payment base for both the revenue and the price programs. The average would thus move forward, adding and dropping a year every year, in order to remain as current as possible without including the current year, which would serve as a deterrent to building base. Consideration should be given to how effective revenue protection can be provided at both the farm and county levels under this approach.


“We believe this novel approach addresses both the needs and the concerns of farmers growing all program crops in all regions of the country,” the organizations stated. “We offer it as a solution which, while not the first choice of any of our organizations, is a compromise we can all support and which can help move the farm bill process to a successful conclusion.”


Click here for the letter.