2014 Annual Report Now Available Online

(Posted Sat. Jan 17th, 2015)

The National Corn Growers Association’s annual report for the 2014 fiscal year is now available online.  A printed copy of the report, which highlights the association’s achievements over the previous year and features current financial information, will also be sent to all active members and made available at upcoming meetings.


Click here to view the full report.


“Every spring when planters begin rolling across fields in this great country, farmers know there will be challenges,” said NCGA Chairman Martin Barbre, a grower from Illinois who served as president last year.  “It could be an equipment breakdown, the weather or when and how to market the crops we’re hoping to harvest in the fall. Yet, it could also be changes on Capitol Hill, restrictions in key foreign markets or proposals from regulatory agencies that could stymie demand for corn.

“In 2014, American corn farmers faced all those challenges and more, challenges from which the more than 42,000 resourceful farmer-members of NCGA were able to focus on great opportunities.”


Themed “Resourceful,” the 2014 report spotlights efforts made by NCGA throughout the year to lead the industry and find innovative ways to support the work done by U.S. corn farmers. Including perspective from grower leaders, information about the activities of NCGA’s action teams and committees and updates on its major image programs, the report provides a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to delve further into what NCGA does for our nation’s farmers.