APRIL 2014


(Posted Wed. Apr 9th, 2014)

The third video in a six-part miniseries debuts today at the National Corn Growers Association’s YouTube page, talking about how the organization strives to build leaders among its farmers, and the importance of leadership to a healthy organization and industry.


“After World War II, there were 40 percent of 50 percent of the nation farming,” noted Tom Haag, chairman of NCGA’s Grower Services Action Team. “We’re down to less than 2, so there’s not a lot of us out there to talk about the goodness of farming.”


Haag zeroed in on the many programs NCGA has to train leaders, and to give them a voice through Capitol Hill visits and policy meetings like the twice-yearly Corn Congress, where representatives come from the states to set policy positions for the organization. The other services provided to members, Haag noted, are part of the reason why membership has increased to more than 40,000.


Click here to watch the video. The video series will continue each week, with upcoming segments on  sustainability, research and federal policy. Topics recently featured were ethanol and biotechnology.