APRIL 2014


(Posted Wed. Apr 23rd, 2014)

The fifth of a six-video miniseries debuts today at the National Corn Growers Association’s YouTube page, sharing how and why supporting ag research is important to our nation’s corn farmers.


“What we try to do is develop and enhance research, and then take that research and move it into the business community,” said Tom Mueller, chairman of NCGA’s Research and Business Development Action Team, who spotlighted the upcoming Corn Utilization and technology Conference. “What it does is bring together, globally, researchers and processors, so they are able to talk together and work into solutions that can really help the consumer.”


Mueller also talked about the importance of the National Agriculture Genotyping Center in its work to translate scientific discoveries into practical solutions for farmers and others.


“If the growers can be profitable in using the technologies that come out of our team, that’s going to benefit consumers also,” Mueller said.


Click here to watch the video. The video series concludes next week with a final segments on federal policy. Topics recently featured were ethanol, biotechnology, sustainability and leadership.