APRIL 2014


(Posted Tue. Apr 1st, 2014)

The National Corn Growers Association is pleased to co-sponsor “Focus on Corn,” a webcast training resource located on the Plant Management Network, a nonprofit online portal managed by the American Phytopathological Society in partnership with more than 80 organizations, including universities, nonprofits, and companies.  The Plant Management Network’s mission is to enhance the health, management, and production of corn crops through its quality, science-based resources, and the Focus on Corn webcasts are an extension of that mission.


“We encourage all our growers to check out Focus on Corn, and work to make these webcasts available to all our members,” said NCGA Production and Stewardship Action Team chair Don Glenn. “Part of our work in increasing opportunities for corn farmers is to help them become better farmers on their fields, by providing tools such as Focus on Corn to help them understand and respond to some of the technical challenges agriculture is facing today.”


Focus on Corn offers searchable resources, as well as training modules that help farmers manage their crops even more effectively from pre-planting through postharvest.


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“We are pleased that NCGA is helping to support this effort to provide practical information to U.S. corn growers,” said Carl Bradley, associate professor and extension specialist at the University of Illinois, who also serves as the Focus on Corn Committee chair. “Growers and their consultants can use this information to help sustainably manage their crops and increase their bottom line.”


The collective geographical scope of Focus on Corn’s webcasts covers all corn producing regions across the U.S.  When it comes to content, Focus on Corn covers crop management and production practices. Presentations offer practical information for use in the field.  Each presentation addresses a specific topic in one of these categories: Agronomic practices, soil fertility, disease management, insect pest management, nematode management, weed and weed resistance management, and postharvest practices.


Examples of recent presentations are:


Seedling Diseases of Corn

Management of Aflatoxin in Corn

The Importance of Early-Season Weed Management in Corn


Webcast topics are chosen by an editorial committee of crop scientists and state extension specialists.  The committee nominates speakers based on their ability to connect with growers and their expertise in the topic at hand.  Committee members review each presentation to ensure quality and applicability to the field. Talks are sound-edited to ensure quality and given a final proof by the speaker before publication.