MAY 2014


(Posted Fri. May 23rd, 2014)

Fuels America, a biofuels coalition that includes the National Corn Growers Association and its allies, launched a robust inside-the-beltway advertising campaign this week, touting the lower prices that American renewable fuels deliver to consumers at the gas pump, and encouraging Americans to ask the Obama Administration to protect America's Renewable Fuel Standard. The campaign consists of substantial paid media buys on Washington’s popular WTOP Radio and on gas station monitors – the video screens on many gas pumps – in the Washington vicinity.


The advertisement playing on gas station monitors, conveniently positioned to highlight the gas prices consumers are paying just as the advertisement is playing, points out that “supporting clean energy production here in America is better for the environment, is better for your wallet, and because biofuel is higher octane, it’s actually even better for your engine.” The ad also celebrates the benefits that the RFS is already delivering to American consumers: “Thanks to America’s Renewable Fuel Standard, homegrown biofuels are cheaper than gasoline, saving you money every time you fill up… Tell President Obama: Support America’s Renewable Fuel Standard.”


“If you’re like a lot of folks, you’re probably getting ready to hit the road. And that means the oil companies are getting ready to hit you – because when you pay more, they make more,” says the WTOP radio spot. “So it’s no surprise Big Oil is fighting to eliminate something called the Renewable Fuel Standard, so they can lower the amount of renewable fuels in the gas supply.” The WTOP ad closes by observing that “Memorial Day is a great American Tradition,” while “getting hosed by Big Oil isn’t.”


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