MAY 2014


(Posted Fri. May 2nd, 2014)

The final installment in a six-video miniseries debuts today at the National Corn Growers Association’s YouTube page, sharing how and why work NCGA’s work in the federal policy arena is important to our nation’s corn farmers.


“NCGA’s Public Policy Action Team helps develop policy within the farm bill, crop insurance and tax policy,” said PPAT Chair Jim Reed. “Our committee acts as an in-between, as a research arm and a development arm of our grassroots members. They can’t always come to Washington and be in the meetings so it is very important that our team members volunteer the time and the resources to help make their voices heard and bring their message forward.”


Reed noted the team benefits from having members from a diversity of corn growing areas. He explained that sharing their insights provides a multifaceted understanding of the complex issues impacting farmers today.


“We work closely with federal legislators and, when they have questions which they cannot get answered by other means, they often come to us,” Reed said. “We seek out the most appropriate expert to help get them the data that they need. It’s that personal contact that we think really helps them understand our problems on the farm and helps them in making the right decisions.”


Reed addressed many of the issues currently facing his team, including accelerated depreciation tax deductions, cash versus accrual accounting, farm bill implementation and continual improvement of crop insurance options.


Click here to watch the video. The other topics recently featured were research, ethanol, biotechnology, sustainability and leadership.