MAY 2014


(Posted Fri. May 23rd, 2014)

The National Corn Growers Association now offers its fourth season of Field Notes, a series that takes readers behind the farm gate to follow the year in the life of American farm families. While these growers come from diverse geographic areas and run unique operations, they share a common love for U.S. agriculture and the basic values that underpin life in farming communities.


Thursday morning, Field Notes caught up with Brian Scott, an Indiana farmer who began sharing his story with NCGA in 2012. In addition to farming, Scott helps cultivate public understanding of agriculture through social media on his blog, www.thefarmerslife.com, and through Twitter using the handle @thefarmerslife.


“We just finished planting late Tuesday night. It went pretty well, with no major equipment breakdowns,” said Scott. “Now we are going to be out applying nitrogen fertilizer. We just purchased a new precision applicator. I am really excited to put that on the ground and learn how to use it.”


To listen to the full interview with Scott and find out how precision application benefits farmers and the environment, click here.


Later that afternoon, Andy Jobman took a moment to discuss how the corn crop is progressing in Nebraska. On his farm, all of the corn and soybeans have been planted, but some farmers in his area are still finishing up on soybean planting after a late cold snap.


“About half of our corn is emerged right now, and soybeans are just starting to come out of the ground,” he said. “Right now, we are putting down some pre-emergent herbicides and some early post-emergent herbicides in an effort to keep the weed pressure to a minimum. Additionally, where we need to, we are running our center pivot irrigation systems. Some of our soils like to crust and get a really hard top. By putting down a quarter to half inch of water at the right time, we can soften that top layer so that every possible corn plant has a chance to break through.”


To listen to the full interview with Jobman, click here.


Stay tuned over the coming weeks as Field Notes follows the growers who have opened their farms, families and communities up this year and meet the true faces of modern American agriculture.