JUNE 2014


(Posted Thu. Jun 12th, 2014)

This week, CommonGround volunteer Laura Daniels, a dairy farmer from Cobb, Wisconsin, took to the Tampa airwaves for discussions on food prices, GMOs and sustainability. Over two days, Daniels participated in a radio panel on agriculture as well as television interviews with the local ABC affiliate station and the regional cable outlet.


During the interviews, which had particular relevance as June is National Dairy Month, Daniels provided her unique take as a farmer, focusing nutritious options she and many like her provide and on the benefits of biotechnology.


“GMOs are good for the environment, and I think that message is really getting lost in the conversation,” she explained. “At my farm, I use GMO seeds because it allows us to go over the field fewer times. We don’t have to spray it as often because we can kill the weeds using a lot less pesticide. We don’t have to till the ground as much either. There are a lot of reasons farmers make the decision to use seeds developed with biotechnology, and they really do add up to a healthier environment.”


To watch video recorded during the live interview, click here.


The media tour provided an opportunity to reach consumers in Florida’s largest media market who, due to geographic location, may not come into contact with farmers and ranchers involved in agricultural sectors more common in the Midwest. Through her interviews, Daniels not only gave a farmer’s perspective on common food questions but also introduced CommonGround as a resource in the ongoing national conversation about food and how it is grown.


CommonGround is a grass-roots movement to foster conversation among women — on farms and in cities — about where our food comes from. The National Corn Growers Association, the United Soybean Board and their state affiliates developed CommonGround to give farm women the opportunity to engage with consumers through the use of a wide range of activities.

Have questions about your food or the CommonGround movement? Find CommonGround online by clicking here.


Daniels is a mother, wife, farmer, dairy nutritionist and agriculture advocate. At Heartwood Farm, Daniels and her husband, Jarred, take great joy in teaching their children Nathan and Julia their values as they work together.  She serves as the manager of the day-to-day activities on the farm, where they have six full-time employees, 300 Jersey cows and operate 650 acres of crop and pasture land.  She also works off the farm as a management consultant for an animal feed supplier.