JUNE 2014


(Posted Fri. Jun 6th, 2014)

The National Corn Growers Association announced participants for the fifth class of NCGA’s Advanced Leadership Program, co-sponsored by Syngenta.  This year’s class includes six Leadership at Its Best graduates who will undergo intensive training in order to hone their media, leadership and lobbying skills and prepare to lead the industry forward.


“It is exciting to see another class of leaders who seek to truly elevate their skillset and further their work on behalf of U.S. farmers,” said NCGA President Martin Barbre.  “NCGA depends upon grassroots leadership. As a graduate of the program, I understand personally the vital role this program plays in helping develop the skills and build the relationships necessary to lead such a dynamic organization in an ever-changing environment.”


This year’s Advanced Leadership Class includes: Doug Albin (Minn.); Brent Hostetler (Ohio); Les Imboden (Ohio); Kevin Rempp (Iowa); Jeff Sandborn (Mich.); and Roger Zylstra (Iowa).


Advanced Leadership training aims to help develop top-notch state and national leadership that is empowered to elevate the leaders around them within the industry and their communities. It builds upon the Leadership at Its Best Program, also co-sponsored by Syngenta, which has helped develop corn industry leadership since 1986.  For the 2014-15 class, states nominated up to two applicants, one as a primary candidate and one to serve as an alternate. Nominees must have been a member of NCGA, a graduate of Leadership at Its Best, and about to assume, or already in, a senior national or state leadership post.