JUNE 2014


(Posted Mon. Jun 2nd, 2014)

With corn planting nearly complete and emergence keeping pace with the five-year average, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its first forecast for the condition of the 2014 U.S. corn crop. According to this report, the 2014 corn crop is in better condition than the record crop of 2013 was at this point in the year with 76 percent of planted acres in good or excellent condition. At this point last year, only 63 percent of acres fared as well.


“While some grew concerned only a few weeks ago as weather kept many farmers from their fields, hard work and determination have set us back on course” said NCGA President Martin Barbre. “We are pleased to see the high level of crop quality this first assessment indicates, but simultaneously we are all too aware of the many challenges which might lie ahead as the summer progresses. No matter what we may face, know that farmers will use the best practices and most innovative tools to ensure a successful crop in 2014.”


States which saw the most severe planting delays the week prior made significant progress to push overall corn acres planted to 95 percent complete this week. Michigan corn farmers made the most significant progress with a 28 percentage point gain in acres planted over the previous week. 19 percentage point gains were also seen in Ohio and Wisconsin. At this point, overall planting progress sits one point ahead of the five-year average.


Earlier than average emergence in a many states offset delays in late-planting states with emergence sitting even with the five-year average of 80 percent as of June 1. Colorado, Indiana Missouri, South Dakota and Texas exceeded the five-year average for emerged acres by ten or more points with Colorado a full 15 points ahead. 


The first report of the 2014 corn crop condition indicated quality superior to that seen in the 2013 crop at this point. With 76 percent of the crop in good or excellent condition and no reports of corn in very poor condition, this first glimpse suggests a crop of quality superior to that of the record-production seen the year prior.


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