JULY 2014


(Posted Fri. Jul 18th, 2014)

Yesterday, corn growers and  others came together at the National Corn Growers Association’s Corn Congress session came together to pay tribute to retiring CEO Rick Tolman, who has led the corn organization since 2000.


The recognition ceremony included remarks from Don Borgman, who recently retired as industry affairs lead for John Deere, past NCGA Presidents Ken McCauley and Garry Niemeyer, and retiring Nebraska Corn Board executive Don Hutchens, as well as current NCGA President Martin Barbre and Tolman’s wife, Linda.


Sharing personal stories, reflections on the many successes during his tenure, and admirations of his personal character, the speakers came together to thank Tolman for 14 years of service that saw great growth for the organization.


While Tolman will not complete his service until the fiscal year ends Sept. 30, Corn Congress marked the last time this group of grower-leaders would be together in one setting.


“I was honored and humbled by the remarks of these people whom I admire so much, and the hardest part of retirement will be the loss of the daily contact with corn growers and NCGA’s staff, so many of whom have become personal friends for Linda and me over the years,” Tolman said. “NCGA has made great progress in the past two decades, seeing great growth in membership as well as reputation throughout the country, including our nation’s capital. I’m proud of what we have all accomplished working together.”