(Posted Fri. Oct 17th, 2014)

The American Ethanol venture in NASCAR began four years ago with a single purpose - to reach a broader cross section of the public with a positive message about ethanol. Logically, this would lead to stronger demand for ethanol in all cars, not just race cars. The effort took a big step forward this week with expansive coverage in Roar Magazine.


The latest issue of Roar, a digital magazine, contains eleven pages on American Ethanol’s role in NASCAR and how key it has been to making NASCAR a model for environmental efforts in professional sports. The article features a Q & A with National Corn Growers Association’s NASCAR Advisory Chairman Jon Holzfaster and Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis as well as a photo gallery of American Ethanol at the track.


The publication normally goes to 750,000 avid race fans, but this special issue will be distributed by NASCAR partner Geico Insurance to all of its seven million customers. The opportunity provides great exposure for E15 fuel and the farmers who play a key role in its production.


“American Ethanol has brought tremendous new growth to rural America, to farm families all across the nation. The additional demand for corn is very beneficial to a lot of communities and it has definitely generated a lot of enthusiasm with farmers and rural America,” said Holzfaster. “Corn farmers have promoted ethanol for years and have invested their time and their checkoff dollars, but it was time to reach out to a bigger audience, NASCAR allows us to reach more than five million fans every week.”


Prior to the 2011 racing season, NASCAR unveiled a blockbuster partnership with American Ethanol that included switching all three of their major racing series to Sunoco Green E15. Today, NASCAR fans are 80 percent more likely than non-fans to support the use of ethanol in their personal vehicles.