(Posted Mon. Nov 3rd, 2014)

With a slower-than-average harvest this year that is keeping many farmers in their combines, the National Corn Growers Association urges growers to take time on Tuesday to go to their polling places and think about the many ways decisions made by elected officials impact them on the farm.


“Whether they are based in Washington or your local city hall, those in office or those seeking office need to be held accountable and need to hear from voters,” said NCGA President Chip Bowling, a Maryland corn farmer. “Especially with this being a mid-term election, we have the chance to elect many fine men and women into Congress who understand our concerns and the importance of supporting farmers with sound policy and regulations that protect or build markets for our products here and abroad.”


Bowling mentioned the fact that farmers are harvesting the second record crop in a row, and its impact on corn prices, as a special cause for concern.


“It’s especially important that our elected leaders recognize the great power Washington has over our lives as farmers,” Bowling said. “With corn prices at their lowest in some time, it’s critical that lawmakers and regulators don’t take any further steps that will reduce demand for corn. When growers step off the farm and cast their ballot, they have a lot of power to send a strong message. Please, don’t neglect your responsibility to vote for a few extra hours in your fields.”