(Posted Thu. Jan 8th, 2015)

Newly formed action teams met in St. Louis, Mo during their December meetings to discuss issues important to NCGA. The Production and Stewardship Action Team members heard presentations on a wide range of topics covering water quality and use, sustainability programs, the National Corn Yield Contest, soil health, transportation issues and pollinators.


“PSAT concerns itself with issues related to corn production, environmental stewardship, transportation and livestock,” said PSAT Chair Don Glen of Alabama. “Being able to understand the difference between worry and a real threat to our industry is one of the important tasks our farmers undertake serving on this team. So when environmental groups raise concerns, we will work with the science behind the issue to find out if their concerns are real and if or how much the ag industry is a factor.”


Highlights of the presentations included an overview of the Waters of the U.S. Rule and various scenarios related to possible rulemaking outcomes. Research funding projects were reviewed for the Aflatoxin Mitigation Center of Excellence and an overview of the 2014 National Corn Yield Contest was given by NCGA staff. Corn Board member and Field to Market liaison Keith Alverson discussed Field to Market developments including livestock group participation at the recent plenary session and the organization’s goal to get 20 percent of productive acres into the Field to Market calculator by 2020.


NCGA DC staff gave an update on U.S. shipping delays and how they are being handled, the reauthorization of the highway bill in 2015, repairs for rural roads and an update on Chesapeake Bay TMDL litigation.


The team will be meeting the first week of February in New Orleans to expand their knowledge of corn marketing, transportation issues and hypoxia related topics.


In addition to Glenn, team members include Vice Chair Brent Hostetler of Ohio, Board Liaison Kevin Ross of Iowa, Jim Burg of South Dakota, Morris Heitman of Missouri, Kirby Hettver of Minnesota, Gary Hudson of Illinois, Jeff Jarboe of Illinois, Carson Klosterman of North Dakota, Gail Lierer of Ohio, Ronnie Mohr of Indiana, Carl Sousek of Nebraska, Randy Woodruff of Wisconsin, and state affiliate staff representative Theresa Sisung of Michigan. NCGA staff for the team include Director of Production, Stewardship and Livestock Max Starbuck; Manager of Public Policy Ethan Mathews; and NCYC Coordinator Linda Kassoff.