(Posted Tue. Jan 6th, 2015)

The Research and Business Development Action Team reviewed ongoing projects and investigated additional research funding proposals during its recent meeting in St. Louis.


“This team is charged with investing in scientific knowledge to ensure ever-increasing opportunities for corn growers,” said team Chair Tom Mueller, a corn grower in Illinois. “While the impact of what we do today won’t even be felt for 10 to 15 years from now, putting a little NCGA muscle behind promising research could provide the necessary support for industry to develop new products for the marketplace.”


At the meeting, the team reviewed new proposals involving breeding desired crop capabilities through chromosome duplication and technologies for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from field runoff.


The team also was briefed by NCGA’s Washington staff on the depth and breadth of the gap between science and public opinion on the issues of biotechnology and climate change.


At the team’s request, NCGA became a member of the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals, funded by the National Science Foundation, which combines biocatalysis with chemical catalysis to produce precursor chemicals for bio-based products and materials.


“CBiRC uniquely facilitates the collaboration of biological and chemical catalysis research which otherwise takes place on parallel paths of discovery instead of using this interdisciplinary approach,” said Mueller.


In addition to Mueller, team members include Vice Chair Larry Hoffman of North Dakota,  Board Liaison Bob Bowman of Iowa, Phillip Gordon of Michigan, Paul Herringshaw of Ohio, Dennis Maple of Indiana, Bruce Rohwer of Iowa, Greg Schneider of Missouri, Scott Sperry of South Dakota, Roger Sy of Illinois, Bob Timmons of Kansas, Daniel Wesely of Nebraska, Chad Willis of Minnesota, and state affiliate staff representative Mark Sponsler of Colorado. NCGA staff for the team includes Director of Research and New Uses Richard Vierling, Ph.D.; Manager of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Clint Raine; and Administrative Assistant Sandra Wright.