(Posted Tue. Feb 24th, 2015)

In a letter sent to Congressional leaders this week, the National Corn Growers Association and a broad range of nearly 400 food and farming organizations urged Congress not to reopen and make cuts to the 2014 farm bill.


“The 2014 farm bill required over three years of debate in both chambers of Congress and ultimately ended with the consolidation of over 100 programs and cuts to mandatory spending across many titles, including the elimination of the direct payment program,” the letter states. “This bipartisan legislation was estimated to contribute $23 billion to deficit reduction over 10 years when including sequestration. These difficult cuts were made across the farm safety net, conservation programs, and nutrition programs.”


The letter also noted that the farm bill needs time before it can be fully judged. “The policy changes and reforms associated with these cuts are only now being fully implemented by the United States Department of Agriculture. As such, no additional cuts to these programs should be considered, at least until these policies have time to take place and be thoroughly evaluated.”


Click here for the letter.


Farm Bill Deadline This Week


The deadline for farmers to update their base acres and yields for farm bill programs is Friday, Feb. 27. This information has implications for risk management programs through at least 2018. Farmers are urged to contact their local FSA office as soon as possible to make these important updates.