American Ethanol will win the Daytona 500 this Sunday. Every car in the race will be powered by the corn-based fuel as the fifth season of the American Ethanol era gets underway.   American Ethanol …">

(Posted Fri. Feb 20th, 2015)

You don’t have to be a palm reader or have ESP to project E15 American Ethanol will win the Daytona 500 this Sunday. Every car in the race will be powered by the corn-based fuel as the fifth season of the American Ethanol era gets underway.


American Ethanol spokesman Austin Dillon is back behind the wheel of the iconic No. 3 car in his sophomore season in Sprint Cup racing and will start in the 15th row of the Daytona 500 this Sunday. Dillon raced in the Duels in Daytona last night to earn his spot. Aptly, he will start alongside his 2014 nemesis, Kyle Larson, who battled Dillon for Rookie of the Year honors. 


Fuel with 15 percent ethanol made its way into some south Florida gas stations just a few months ago. E15, as it is called, has been approved for sale by the EPA since late 2010 but not until now is it making its way to gas pumps across the country. Higher-ethanol blends are commonly found in the Midwest, and E15 is now becoming increasingly available at larger retail chains in more densely populated areas of the country. The ethanol expansion is grabbing the attention of the consumer and making headlines in the convenience and fuel retail industry.


This isn’t news to NASCAR fans, who have seen the E15 American Ethanol, also known as Sunoco Green E15 in the sport, log nearly 7 million miles on race track coast to coast. NASCAR made the change to an ethanol fuel blend and has run on American Ethanol since the 2011 season started in Daytona.


"Time and time again, our sport has demonstrated that it is a great validator of technology, particularly in the green and transportation sectors,” NASCAR CEO and Chairman Brian France said. “There's no better example of that than our seamless transition to Sunoco Green E15.”


NASCAR made the fuel change in conjunction with its NASCAR Green Platform, the largest and most comprehensive recycling, tree planting and renewable energy programs in sports. Not only has the move to Sunoco Green E15 proven to be an environmentally beneficial decision, it’s actually boosted the performance of the race cars in all three of NASCAR’s national series — lowering emissions and increasing horsepower.


Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis explained how NASCAR’s massive loyal following, third-party validation and green initiative were very attractive for a partnership. American ethanol showed its value as well. "Ethanol-blended fuel is greener, cleaner and homegrown. It reduces our dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs right here at home and helps improve our environment. We want consumers to know that E15 is a safe, high performance and reliable option for them that is less expensive and supports hometown jobs when they fill up at the pump,” Buis said.


NASCAR has millions of loyal fans and the odds are you probably know one, notes Jon Holzfaster, a Nebraska Corn farmer and National Corn Growers Association board member.  “Fans love cars and go to races to have a good time, but they have also come to appreciate the many benefits of a renewable product that comes from family farmers. The good news, for ethanol supporters and NASCAR fans, is E15 will be coming soon to a gas station near you.  


Representing a wide array of ethanol supporters, from farmers to bio-engineering firms, American Ethanol was established by Growth Energy in partnership with the National Corn Growers Association and others. By establishing a marketing partnership with NASCAR starting with the 2011 racing season, the same year that NASCAR switched its fuel to Sunoco Green E15, American Ethanol aims to educate and inform the broader American public about the benefits of U.S.-made ethanol.


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