MARCH 2015


(Posted Thu. Mar 12th, 2015)

National Corn Growers Association President Chip Bowling issued the following statement Wednesday in response to a proposal by the Advanced Biofuels Association to make changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard:


"According to any measure, the Renewable Fuel Standard works. It has reduced dependence on foreign oil. It has helped clear the air from toxic emissions. It has boosted rural economies, and it has saved consumers money at the pump. Going back to the drawing board will undoubtedly give Big Oil an opportunity to eliminate their only real competition. Any attempt to restructure the RFS will start a chain of reactions that will lead to what America doesn't need: dirtier air, more foreign oil, a declining economy, and an oligopoly in charge of our energy future. That's the future that awaits when the RFS is reopened and all the benefits of the biofuels revolution are lost."